LL-2 Film Processor

A film and print processor for Black & White and Color in virtually all formats: 35mm, 120/220, 4x5", 8x10", and Ultra Large Format (up to 20x24").

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Uncompromising development made consistent, easy, and accessible.

We serve fine art photographers who need to process every film and print to the highest standards all the time. Our rotary agitation can develop any format for any process.

35mm 120/220 4x5" 8x10" ULF
B&W C-41 E-6 ECN-2 RA-4

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We simplify quality processing.

Our patented process timer allows you to save and run many custom development programs with multiple times and temperatures.

Our temperature compensation system automatically calculates development times at different temperatures.

Select START, pour in chemistry, wait for the alarm, select STOP, pour out chemistry, then repeat until completion. It's that easy.

Focus on your photography. Use the right tool to process your film.

Film processing is the physical process of producing your images on film.

Many of the finest photographers process films their way for their images. They may employ different developers, custom development times with dilutions, push and pull processing, and more to craft their aesthetic.

Use our processor to develop consistently for any custom needs. Produce your work to the highest quality.

35mm and 4x5" images developed with the processor are at the portfolio of Derek Lluisma, founder of MEKINER.
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